Of Presenting and Signing

I had a great time touring the Pacific Northwest, seeing old friends, and signing copies of my book. Only some of the highlights are showcased below…


 — Giving the talk at Northtown Books, Arcata, CA. —



— Two wonderful friends … and two “inspirational” characters —

Sean Salazar


— Signing a copy for Todd … this guy makes real boats! —



— Good to see Baxter, after so many years —



— Even Bobo took a break from his Squatching schedule to get a copy! —



Today is the big day, the day I’ve been looking forward to for many years. I can officially call myself a novelist. So many people to thank–everyone at Coffeetown Press, Blackstone Audio, and of course my agent, Mark Gottlieb. 

This is a great novel (if I may say so myself), which tells a very big story…of friendship, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, and the achievement of dreams, against impossible odds. Now available in all formats.

Finally, for those of you who have already read it, or will read it, the next time you’re in a tough spot, just think to yourself–what would Danny Wilson do!?

Thanks Guys!

When I wrote THE SINKING OF THE ANGIE PIPER, the notion that it would one day get published in audio formats never crossed my mind. But that’s a reality I’ve been living with for almost a year, now–and I owe this great opportunity, and honor, to not just my agent, Mark Gottlieb, but to Blacktone Audio, as well as award-winning story teller, Andrew Eiden.

Speaking of Blackstone Audio…

I’m totally excited with the wonderful cover art they put together for my novel, which is showcased at the top of this post. I can’t wait to get that pictured framed, and on my wall!

First Book Signing EVER now scheduled…

I am both ecstatic and terrified to announce my first book signing event, scheduled to take place on July 11th, at Third Place Books, in Seattle, Washington. One of the topics I plan on talking about is how, and from where, I drew inspiration for my novel, THE SINKING OF THE ANGIE PIPER. I believe the answer might surprise people. And, I hope that it is also as inspiring to them, as it was for me.

It’s Finally Here…(almost)

The Sinking of the Angie Piper is now available for pre-order, at Amazon. I am both excited, and terrified. Yes…terrified. I am truly surprised with the emotions that apparently come with getting a first novel published. Just a normal part of becoming a published author, I keep telling myself. As a consolation, I KNOW that there are many people excited to read this book I’ve been shouting about for over a year now. Without further ado…

The Sinking of the Angie Piper, by Chris Riley


As I prepare my wild journey into becoming a bona-fide NOVELIST, I am forever reminded of the value of home…and for me, that place is somewhere north of here. THE SINKING OF THE ANGIE PIPER is a story set in the untamed waters of Alaska. It is a territory that many of the stories I write (including my current project, as well as a planned third novel), are set in–the Pacific Northwest.

I have no real explanation for why I tend to write within this particular setting. Perhaps I have a deep-seated longing to further explore this wild land. Or maybe I just miss living there, as I spend 6 months out of every year baking in the sun-burnt lands of Central California. Or, maybe I just miss my home. In any case, as much as I have yet to understand my own aspirations, I certainly won’t let such ignorance prevent me from plodding forward.