Haunted Forest

My debut short story collection has recently been accepted for publication with the esteemed isolationist publisher, Mount Abraxas Press, an imprint of Ex Occidente Press, located in Bucharest, Romania. ‘Publisher of fantastic and decadent literature,’ Mount Abraxas offers to the literary world nothing short of exquisite works of collectible art–limited run hardcover volumes, printed in the finest quality, sealed with cloth boards, textured dust-jackets, and illustrated endpapers. With definite clarity, this marks another milestone for my writing career, as I join the ranks of fine authors such as Mark Valentine, D.P. Watt, John Howard, Karim Ghahwagi, and Damian Murphy, to name but a small few.

The collection is titled OF WOODLAND TEXTURES AND CHARNEL DELIGHTS, and is an assemblage of unsettling tales, loosely woven together with themes comprising of sylvan inflections, lyrical beats, and European settings. In addition to the aforementioned traits, one story in particular–When the Wood Comes Calling–contains a verse I contrived at the start of my literary adventure, some thirty odd years ago; thus drawing a complete circle, and one with a momentous circumference.

With excitement, I look forward to the fruition of this latest project. And, with anticipation, I look forward to the final design surrounding my debut, single author collection. More to come on this…

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