An author I know once told me that nothing in the publishing industry moves quickly. Truer words have never been spoken, as I have experienced the harsh reality of that statement more times than I would like to count. Be that as it may, for the creative wheel within this author (yours truly) has not failed to stop turning. I hesitate to announce all of the good news that sits on my horizon of literary endeavors at this time, but I will say that, at a minimum, the short stories keep on coming!

Of particular note, my story Soft Bellies Made of Flesh and Stone and Oodles of Love has been accepted at Humboldt State University’s very own literary journal, TOYON. This story will be published this March, and it goes without saying that, as a HSU Alumni, I am most proud of this achievement.

Also, for those readers (and listeners) who enjoy a good old fashioned horror story, two of my chillers have been recently published as well, in audio format: The Dead of Night, showcased at The Nosleep Podcast; and White Noise, over at Tales to Terrify . . . sleep tight!


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