I woke this morning thinking about how blessed I am to be able to follow a “bliss” that is so inherently magical. I literally cannot count how many times I have felt the real-life sorcery that unfolds during the process of crafting a story. And when this magic occurs, it is like an unseen force suddenly takes over; as if a spirit from a different realm has been summoned by me, and for me. This, is the wizardry that comes with being a writer.

Later, I was explaining this supernatural benefit to my most lovely wife of nearly twenty years, while we were having a “date” at Starbucks, and that’s when I decided I should also share this piece of insight as a post. Of course, this perspective is nothing new to all my writing friends. We even have a name for this magic: The Muse.

But to any of you who have never experienced this surreal event, I encourage you to pick up a pen and paper and to just go for it, just start writing. If you have a hard time getting started, begin with something easy, such as, “Today I will…,” or, “That was when I first learned how to…,” or perhaps, “The minute I looked that old crone in the eyes, I knew I would…” Just try it, I encourage you. It’s been over seven years now, since I first unlocked this magic. And I have yet to let it go.


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